Thursday, June 24, 2010

Original Landscape Painting Dreamscape Tree Starry Night Moon

"Sleepy Starry Night"
Acrylic ACEO

This is another painting in my dreamscapes series. A tree standing in a meadow set against a soft purple-blue starry sky and a full moon....dreamy! :)

Original Painting Sleepy Purple Night TREE MOON Meadow

"Purple Night Tree"
Acrylic ACEO
10% of final sale to support Environmental Defense Fund.
Sold to a collector in Massachusetts

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Original Landscape Painting Shade Tree Lush Summer Meadow Oasis

"Summer Oasis"
5 x 7

This original landscape is inspired by the lovely scenic countryside of New Hampshire. In this painting, I hope the elements of the painting... a shade tree standing in a lush green meadow with distant mountains, some morning mist, and small pond in the background, remnants of an old stone wall in the foreground, and a flock of birds in the distance... come together to depict a inviting oasis...a place to relax and refresh the soul. :)

This painting is available. $75.00
If you are interested in purchasing this painting, contact me.
Payment can be made through e-mail using PayPal.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Original Painting Impressionism Sunrise Over Lake Reflection

"Sunrise Over Lake Reflection"
ACEO 2.5" x 3.5"

I like impressionism and realism. I've been told my painting style is somewhere between the two. This painting is a bit more impressionistic than usual. I wanted to capture the light shimmering on the water as the sun rises.


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Original Dreamy Misty Morning Clearing Woods Trees Painting

"Misty Morning In The Woods"
Acrylic on canvas panel

10% of final sale will support Restore Australia's Forest After Wildfires-A Global Giving Project.

About this painting:
One morning, it was so misty and beautiful like a dream or a scene from an English fairytale. The air smelled sweet and fresh, the birds were singing, and I felt like I was in the woods of Camelot. I almost expected a gentle white horse or unicorn to come strolling out from the woods! I went out back of my house and took photos where the clearing meets the woods at the boundary fence. This painting is my first attempt at capturing that misty morning.

Sold to a collector in Massachusetts, USA.