Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Original Painting "Stillness" Stacked Rocks, Water, Pond, Nature

Original Acrylic Painting
ACEO 2.5" X 3.5"

In this painting I have tried to depict the contrasting textures of the grass, the rugged rocks, the smooth water and graceful willow branches; bringing them together to covey the perfect peace, tranquility and stillness of the scene.

Stacked rocks have been cropping up all over the landscape lately. While I was vacationing Bar Harbor, Maine, we saw stacked rocks in gardens, on trails, along property lines, in the mountains and in the towns. When I returned to New Hampshire, I started noticing them here too. We stopped at country art gallery on Mt. Desert Island. They had several along the edge of their parking area. I asked what they signify. I was told they use them as markers on trails to guide hikers. I was also told that they are suppose to ward off evil and bring good luck. I read that stacked rocks represent balance.

Whatever the meaning, I find them intriguing. I especially like the contrast when they are standing in front of water. I think I will paint a larger version of this one too.

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