Monday, January 4, 2010

New Original Painting for 2010, Blue Moon Reflection Quiet Winter Night Landscape Snow Trees

"A Blue Moon in January"
Acrylic 5"x7" on canvas panel

Happy New Year to everyone! How exciting! A blue moon on New Years eve! I hope you were able to see it. The moon is not actually blue in color. It's called a blue moon because it's a rather rare occurrence to have 2 full moons in one month. It's even more rare to have a blue moon on New Years Eve. The next blue moon on New Year's eve will be in 2028! That makes it feel like a huge event! It was such a blessing! Perhaps it signifies the year ahead will be filled with other amazing blessings, rare events and opportunities.

My first painting of the New Year, was inspired by the Blue Moon on New Year's Eve. Looking out my window, it was a quiet winter night. The trees were kissed with snow and the light of the full moon reflected on the snow and frozen pond. Winter in New England is not my favorite season, but I have tried to capture the beauty and stillness that I saw on that night...a Reflection of Grace! :)


  1. That is so cool!!!! I love the painting - it captures the feel perfectly.

  2. Wow, how beautiful! I'm imagining the tree to be gently reaching out to hold the moon.

  3. Thank you, Laurelyn! What a lovely way of looking at it!!! I actually stood looking out the window and sketched the two trees out back into the painting. The full moon is often hanging perfectly within reach of the branches. I imagine I will paint it many times in different ways, as it always amazes me and catches my breath! :)